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Avoid purchasing medical device on the web

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In order to ensure safety and optimal health, professional guidance of the correct usage of medical devices and regular after-sales service is important.  It is recommended to purchase your medical devices from professional and reputable medical equipment suppliers.


Avoid purchasing medical devices from online shops


Online shops/parallel import outlets are profit-minded and often neglect the health and safety of their customers.


A number of Hong Kong government hospitals have received complaints from their patients regarding to the incidents of purchasing medical devices from online shops/parallel import outlets. The complaints include patients receiving faulty devices and online shops/parallel import outlets refusing to refund or exchange goods; disregarding the doctor’s prescription and persuading patients to purchase medical devices that are ill-suited to them. The hospitals have strongly urged the patients to stop purchasing medical devices from online shops/parallel import outlets, in order to avoid monetary loss and potential health risks. The Medical Device Control Office of the Hong Kong Department of Health has also issued a warning and solemnly reminds patients the serious risks of purchasing medical device at online shops/parallel import outlets.


Please keep in mind that online shops/parallel import outlets are not recognized by the manufacturer, and thus, they do not know how to instruct the correct usage of the products. Moreover, online shops/parallel import outlets do not monitor the progress of the treatments. Therefore, there is no assurance that patients can receive optimal and effective treatments.


Below are the lists of before and after-sale services provided by The HomeCare Medical Limited.






Web Shop HomeCare Medical

Company Reliability 


Lack of certifications.                                     


  • Medical device importer listed by Department of Health, HKSAR. 
  • Authorized distributor certified by manufacturer. 
  • Registered Polysomnographic Technologist credential (RPSGT) certified by BRPT, USA 
  • Continuous medical training certifications. 
  • Member of “Promoting Quality Service” by HK Retail Management Association. 

Product Reliability



Unclear product sources.


  • Products are listed under the Department of Health. Label showing the listing number can be found on every devices. 
  • Qualified distributor certified by manufacturer. 
  • “No fakes” labels certified by HK Retail Management Association. 

Try before Purchase

 1 1

Experience rooms are provided for you to get a real feeling of wearing CPAP, with specialist offering you professional guidance on how to pick the right choice for yourself.    

Usage Instuction

Avoid any possible machine failure or health damage due to user misuse.

 1 1

Carried out by manufacturer-trained speicialists.

Device Regular Check

Ensures nightly safety.

 1 1

  • Must be done at least once every year. 
  • Carried out by qualified technicians according to manufacturer standard procedures. 
  • TEN FREE regular check services within the two-year free wanranty. 

[Valued at HK$7500]

Cleaning and Disinfection 

Includes the removal of dust accumulated over time and the disinfection to kill mold inside the machine.

 1 1

  • Done every six months. 
  • FREE within the two-year free warranty. 

[Valued at HK$3000]

Brick-and-mortar Shop

Provides all sorts of continuous after-sales support: consumable refill service, machine operation coaching and troubleshooting etc.

 1 1

Specialist providing you with professional advice, working out solutions for your problems and giving you updates on those new devices and accessories available.

24-hour Emergency Support

 1 1

24-hour hotline, providing you instinct help for emergency situations. 

TreatmenEfficacy Monitoring

Oximetry test and report interpretation, ensuring an up-to-standard treatment outcome always.



  • Oximeter loan service and report interpretation afterwards. Offering advice for improving treatment outcome. 
  • SIX FREE tests within the two-year free warranty.

[Valued at HK$9000]

Report Delivery Service

Prompt post-CPAP report delivery to hospitals/clinics for your follow-up.


 1 Can provide you all sorts of reports for follow-up according to your doctors request.