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Provent® Therapy



Provent® EPAP device is the first simple nasal device which is clinically proven for improving problems of sleep apnea and snoring, by means of its proprietary MicroValve design.



Provent® EPAP is designed for sleep apnea patients who cannot tolerate CPAP and have snoring problems.


It shows more than 50% improvement for mild, moderate and even severe sleep apnea patients. (Approved by clinical studies conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Stanford University in the United States)


Simple and convenient


– Stick Provent onto nostrils before bed.

– Disposable, convenient and clean.

– Small in size, good to travelers.

– No electric power required, can be used anytime anywhere.








– The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards

– Medical Design Excellence Awards 2009 Winner

– International Design Excellence Awards’10

– A number of clinical studies to confirm its efficacy,

– FDA approved product



Starter Kit is available now. For more details, please call (852) 2402-2188 or visit our shops.


Provent® Therapy Clinical Studies

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