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CPAP Machine

Introduction of CPAP machine

Sleep apnea has a long-term impact on the health. Not only affect your sleep quality, but also the sleep quality of your partner. More serious is that the patients will have anoxia during sleep, which will affect cardiopulmonary function and may lead to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and stroke, even die in the sleep.
CPAP machine can treat sleep apnea. Our company provides a variety of CPAP machine to relieve the discomfort of sleep apnea patients during sleep. CPAP machine delivers a continuous positive airway pressure through the hose, mask and the patient’s respiratory track. This prevent the narrowing of patient’s airway and solve the sleep apnea problem.   
CPAP machine belongs to medical equipment, consultation with doctor should be conducted before purchase and use. For more information about CPAP machine, please contact us.


CPAP machine needs regular after sales follow-up
CPAP machine is a medical equipment. It requires a certified technician to carry out continuous safety follow up, such as periodic cleaning and disinfection, regular inspection and maintenance of parts to ensure safe and proper operation.


Indicators for a safe and secure CPAP company
Choose an authorized distributor certified by manufacturer. They have a professional technical support team to provide proper operation guidelines and technical support.
Choose medical device importer listed by Department of Health, HKSAR. These types of CPAP Company have an excellent monitoring system for medical safety, which ensure there are sufficient measures and resources to deal with any medical safety issues.
The medical device is attached with a sticker, which is issued by the Department of Health. With this identification, users can use a safe and effective medical device with original design.