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Qualification of medical device supplier

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1. Recognized as a manufacturer of medical equipment manufacturers, manufacturers have received training in the proper operation of the equipment and regular mechanical inspection and maintenance services, and timely notice to the user all the information on the recovery of the instrument.

You can check whether the supplier can produce the official certificate issued by the manufacturer, or visit the official website of the manufacturer to verify the formal supplier status of Hong Kong.


Official Website

USA DeVilbiss: http://www.devilbisshc.com/

Germany Hoffrichter: http://hoffrichter-gmbh.de/hongkong.html?&L=1


Manufacturer Approval Certificate

Awarded the only legitimate agents in Hong Kong

Awarded the only legitimate agents in Hong Kong

Authorization by DeVilbiss Healthcare


Manufacturer Training Certificate


DeVilbiiss product training


DeVilbiiss product training


Somnomedices product training



2. For the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Department of Health listed medical equipment importers


The list of regulated items for medical instrument importers through the Hong Kong Department of Health includes:

– Manufacturer approved supplier, genuine guarantee.

– Perfect customer handling system to handle medical malpractice properly

– Hold a valid business registration license


You can check the DH’s website at the following address:


3. Purchase medical equipment from a reputable supplier of the company to ensure that the company has sufficient resources to handle pre-sales guidance and after-sales service.

If you have any questions, you can consult your doctor or health care provider.