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DizzyFIX™ (Import from Canada)

 dizzy fix june 2011-5

DizzyFIX™ (Import from Canada)

Model No. : DizzyFIX™
DizzyFIX™ is an effective and natural treatment for vertigo and dizziness due to BPPV. The DizzyFIX interactively guides you through a particle repositioning maneuver. This maneuver helps you treat the most common cause of vertigo called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or “BPPV”.


DizzyFIX is drug-free and completely safe
。Guides you through the only approved BPPV treatment
。Takes just 3 minutes to do the maneuver and easy to use at home
。The maneuver cures 88% of patients with just 1 treatment
。Save thousands over prescription vertigo treatment


Usage method
Get the particle from the blue ( round ) end of the tube to the yellow ( square ) end by moving your head and body around


Oversea Users Opinions
“My neurologist recommended that I do the Epley maneuver to prevent BPPV episodes. I came across a video on Youtube of a person showing how the DizzyFix works – it made sense and I bought it. I am happy to say that it has worked for me.” – Paola July
“The Dizzyfix contraption will go with me everywhere!” Maggie September
“The DizzyFIX is a GOD SEND. I will never live without it again.” Denise January