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Titration Test

Titration Test

If you were diagnosed of having sleep apnea after 1st night PSG Sleep test, you can ask for a CPAP Titration test on the second night. The CPAP Titration is a test to find out the optimal pressure needed in order to maintain airway patency. 

Test Procedure

CPAP titration can be done either at your own home or in hospital. During the testing night, you are required to wear a mask which connects to a CPAP machine. An oximeter is put onto your finger to monitor blood oxygen saturation. Pressure profile throughout the night will be recorded. Our HomeCare specialist will work out an analysis report which will be sent to your referring doctor for further follow-up.

For further information or test booking, please call (852) 2402-2188 or visit our shops.

Hospitals and clinics who are interested in getting more information on the above device, please call to make an appointment with our product specialist.

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