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Provent® Therapy

Provent® Therapy anti-snoring device for sleep apnea (Discontinued)

Sleep apnea causes loud and disturbing snoring while sufferers are sleeping. The potentially serious disorder can cause the throat to become blocked while asleep, waking sufferers hundreds of times in the night and making them feel tired and miserable during the day. But there is a simple measure you can take to stop snoring and improve sleep apnea.

The simple Provent® EPAP anti-snoring device is effective in improving sleep apnea and snoring-related problems; making it the first device of its kind to boast clinically proven benefits thanks to a proprietary MicroValve design.

If you want to curb your snoring or stop someone you love from snoring, and sleep apnea is the cause, then Provent EPAP is the anti-snoring cure for you.

Our Provent® anti-snoring device can make a huge difference to the function of the respiratory system, allowing the airways to stay open while you sleep, restoring breathing capabilities. The anti-snoring device will improve your quality of life and ensure you get a better sleep.


Provent® EPAP is designed for sleep apnea patients who cannot tolerate CPAP and have snoring problems.

This anti-snoring device shows more than a 50% improvement for mild, moderate, and even severe sleep apnea patients, according to clinical studies conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Stanford University in the United States.

It’s important to note that sleep apnea is a severe lifelong medical condition that requires urgent treatment. By using Provent® EPAP as an effective anti-snoring device, you can improve your snoring-related problems or sleep apnea without having to undergo intrusive surgery; making it an industry breakthrough.

As detailed in our product videos below, this anti-snoring device works by increasing pressure in the airways each time you breathe out, thus greatly assisting in the prevention of collapsed airways when you sleep.

Simple and Convenient

  • Stick Provent onto nostrils before bed.
  • Disposable, convenient and clean.
  • Small in size, good for travelers.
  • No electric power required, can be used anytime anywhere.





  • The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards
  • Medical Design Excellence Awards 2009 Winner
  • International Design Excellence Awards’ 10
  • A number of clinical studies to confirm its efficacy as an anti-snoring device,
  • FDA approved product
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