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NightShift ™


NightShift™ is a clinically proven treatment for positional obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. The vibration function prompts users to change sleeping position habits. A number of medical studies have confirmed that lateral sleep can reduce the chance of snoring and improve sleep apnea. While asleep, the sleep apnea index and the hypoxia index were decreased significantly.

An Innovation in treating “Snoring” and “Positional OSA”

The Perfect Combination Of 3 major functions

1. Sleep Position Detection

  • To understand your sleep body movement

2. Vibrotactile Feedback – To Assist You To Maintain A Side-sleeping Position

  • To eliminate your snoring problem

3. Detailed Compliance Report

  • To understand more about your sleeping position
  • Snoring frequency
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Pre and post usage comparison
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