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ClearSCOPE Endoscope Adaptor

ClearSCOPE Endoscope Adaptor

Connect any smartphone – including the iPhone 6 Plus and Android Galaxy Note – to a standard endoscope and create the most portable, cost effective method for recording and viewing endoscopy video.

CLEARSCOPE gives medical professionals quick and easy access to HD quality images that are simple to capture, manage, and share.

CAPTURE Endoscopic Videos

Endoscopy video provides a valuable tool for patient care, teaching residents, and consulting with other physicians. But traditional recording equipment is expensive, and not always accessible. The CLEARSCOPE Smartphone Adaptor uses your mobile phone’s HD camera, effectively converting it into a portable video tower that fits in the palm of your hand.

Securely MANAGE Video

Use CLEARSCOPE with its companion MODICA app to annotate video with keywords and notes for improved record keeping. Endoscopy video is encrypted and secured in a separate camera roll, ensuring medical videos never mix with personal ones. It also automatically moves endoscopy video to a HIPAA compliant cloud storage service freeing valuable data on the mobile device.

SHARE, Communicate and Collaborate

When it is easier to record endoscopy video, doctors are more likely share them. And these visual records make it easier to collaborate with colleagues, remote consultants and other specialists, residents, and even patients.


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