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24-hour continuous blood pressure monitoring

24-Hour Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring

The test is carried out with the SOMNOtouch ™ NIBP monitor manufactured by well known German manufacturer SOMNOmedics. This new model represents the latest generation of ambulatory continuous blood pressure measurement. The blood pressure is derived using the Pulse Transit Time (PPT) technology no more inflating cuff is needed, so would not affect sleeping during the night.

The SOMNOtouch ™ NIBP monitor is used by the Stanford University in conducting major clinical studies.

Data Analysis and Report

Blood Pressure Report

  • Continuous 24 hour blood pressure profile
  • Detection of dipper / non-dipper
  • Detection of NBPF™ (Nocturnal Blood Pressure Fluctuations) as an indicator for cardiac stress
  • Determination of the blood pressure superposition effect
  • Clearly identify sleep / wake stages by actigraphy

ECG Report

  • Stree report based on Heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Arrhythmia detection

Oximetry Report

  • Display of the correlation among blood Oxygen saturation, nocturnal SpO2 and nocturnal blood pressure
  • To investigate the effect of changes in blood pressure on respiration (optional)

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Medical Training Certificates

Somnomedices Scoring Training

  Somnomedics Product Training

Awards and Achievements

Certificate of Listing-SOMNOtouch NIBP

*Medical Devices Listing HKMD No.180204

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