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Ameda Pump’N Protect™ 6oz Milk Storage Bags

Ameda Pump'N Protect™ 6oz Milk Storage Bags

This new Ameda Pump ‘N Protect TM 6oz Breast Milk Storage Bags are a convenient solution for mothers to store their precious breast milk in the fridge or freezer keeping vitamins and nutrients.

Storage Bag Adapter

Integrated adapter holes allows mom to pump directly into the bags with use of a pump adapter

(Add-on Item)

  • Easy-close and Leakage proof : Double zipper-seal

Gusset bottom allows bag to stand or lay flat for storing

  • Reinforced side seams : Easy to handle milk storage bag and pour milk from the side to transfer milk into a feeding bottle
  • BPA free safe storage for fridge or freezer
  • Easy to read markings and write-on label the date
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