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The Oxymizer® is a disposable reservoir cannula. It is the simplest conserving device available today, operating without electronics, batteries, switches or flow controls.

Oxymizer® Disposable Oxygen Conserver


  • Savings ratio of up to 4:1
  • Compatible with all continuous flow oxygen sources, including compressed gas, concentrators and liquid oxygen
  • Facilitates conservation through the use of a reservoir that stores oxygen during exhalation for delivery during inhalation

Oxygen Conservation

How can the Oxymizer® achieve a savings ratio of up to 4:1?

It’s quite simple. The Oxymizer® allows decreasing the patient’s liter flow while providing adequate oxygen saturation.

For example, if a patient requires a 2 lpm setting, the Oxymizer® allows you to lower the flow to 0.5 lpm without compromising oxygenation.

In this example, this represents an oxygen savings of 75%!


How is this possible? By storing oxygen during exhalation and delivering an enriched bolus in addition to continuous flow upon inhalation, the Oxymizer® requires less oxygen than a standard cannula.

Conservation Savings For a Variety of Liter Flow Settings

Cylinder Duration (using M9 (C) cylinder with volume: 240 litres)

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