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Nonin® Avant® 9800 Table top Pulse Oximeter

Nonin® Avant® 9800 Table top Pulse Oximeter
(Import from USA)

Nonin 9800

Reliable High Performance

The Model 9800 is a complete pulse oximeter featuring plethysmograph waveform displayed in three wave speeds. Using Nonin Medical’s PureSAT® Digital Signal Processing Technology, the Model 9800 provides fast and reliable SpO2 and pulse rate measurements on any patient, from neonates to adults.

User-Friendly Interface

The bright, easy-to-read LED display includes a ten segment bar graph indicating pulse strength, and pulse beep is sounded for every detected pulse with tone varying according to the SpO2 value. Additionally, the Model 9800 accomodates a wide range of genuine Nonin PureLight® sensors.

Flexible & Versatile Settings

Many features are customizable including high and low alarm limits for all parameters, and alarm and pulse beep volume. The Model 9800 is durable for ambulatory transport, and convenient for hospitals and outpatient clinics.

Key Features

  • Trends available for 72 hours with scrolling
  • Waveform freeze with scrolling up to 60 seconds
  • 3 color perfusion LED status: Green (good perfusion), Orange (marginal perfusion), Red (inadequate perfusion)
  • Sensor alarm indicates that the sensor has been disconnected either from patient or from oximeter
  • Built-in rechargeable battery back-up of 6 hours
  • Audible and visual low battery indication when 15 minutes remaining
  • Power saving mode
  • Reversible background – light and dark

Cleaning Guidelines