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TNI® SoftFlow Junior

TNI® SoftFlow Junior​

TNI SoftFlow junior ­­­­­­­­efficient therapy follows patients.

  • Flowrate 2 to 15 l/min
  • Humidity, dew point from 30° to 37 °C
  • 0 – 12 l/min admixture of oxygen
  • FiO2 indicator integrated in the display
  • Flexible use in clinical settings with maximum hygienic safety
  • Easiest handling in home care settings

Method and Effects

During the therapy, a constant warm and humidified air flow, if required combined with oxygen, is applied into the nose of the patient by means of thin nasal prongs (applicator). This always leads to an improved ventilation. The Therapy with Nasal Insufflation has a high level of therapy acceptance and excellent therapeutic success.

A number of attestations and clinical findings show that the Therapy with Nasal Insufflation actually

  • supports insufficient breathing and shows a clinical benefit
  • which leads to improved elimination of CO2,
  • reduces the functional dead space,
  • supports and relieves the respiratory pump

The findings especially recommend the Therapy with Nasal Insufflation as a therapy option for a further reduction of a mechanical respiratory support or for patients who do not accept the usual mask ventilation.

Benefits for Physicians & Patients

  • An open system without a mask increases wearing comfort
  • Eliminates pressure points on the face and is very easy to put on and take off
  • No leakage problem
  • An effective humidity management
  • A stable FiO2
  • Easy handling