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TNI® SoftFlow 50

TNI® SoftFlow 50


The therapy with nasal insufflation (TNI®) was developed for both clinical intensive and inpatient care as well as for home care use. Patients show a high tolerance for this therapy and it is even suitable in cases where conventional respiratory masks are not tolerated very well.THI® (Therapy with Nasal Insufflation) has been known in clinical everyday life though it is still a new respiratory support method. It is a nasal high-flow ventilation method.

Method and Effects

In therapy with nasal insufflation, a constant, warm and humidified airstream is conducted into the patient’s nose via a thin nasal cannula (applicator); if required, oxygen can be added to the stream. This generally leads to improved ventilation. Therapy with nasal insufflation shows a high tolerance with excellent success.

Plenty of evidence and clinical findings exist that prove that nasal therapy insufflation.

  • Shows a clinical use
  • Can be safely applied on patients suffering from COPD and ILD
  • Supports non-sufficient respiration
  • Helps eliminate CO2
  • Guarantees constant FiO2 during therapy
  • Quickly reduces hyperinflation
  • Increases pressure in the entire respiratory tract, affecting inspiration and expiration
  • Decreases functional dead space
  • Significantly relieves the respiratory pump
  • Requires less oxygen while simultaneously improving SaO2
  • Facilitates coughing up phlegm and causes a better mucociliary clearance conditioned by effective humidity management

The presented findings support therapy with nasal insufflation in particular as an alternative option to NIV therapy for further reducing mechanical respiratory support or for patients who do not tolerate a conventional respiratory mask.

The therapy is applied successfully in clinical intensive and inpatient care as well as in home care. 

Awards and Achievements

Certificate of Listing-TNI SoftFlow Therapy Nasal Insufflation

*Medical Devices Listing HKMD No.180037