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BMC G3 B30VT BiPAP (ST-mode)

G3 B30VT BiPAP (ST-mode)

4-year Comprehensive Warranty

  • One new CPAP mask each year
  • Two regular checks each year
  • Two cleaning & disinfection service with new filter replacement each year
  • Free loaner unit during repair
  • Telehealth follow-up service
  • 24-hr emergency hotline
  • Free software updates
  • Prompt notice upon product recall

4-year Comprehensive Warranty

Auto Humidifier

Five levels of humidity or you can choose auto humidity. The smart humidifier will go with the most optimum humidity for you and keep the air warm and humid. You can turn on ‘preheat’ function; water in chamber will start to heat up 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

Auto Sleep Detection
Without setting a specific ramp time, the device works at a low pressure until it detects user has fallen asleep. The pressure then will increase gradually to the optimal treatment pressure.

Reslex Expiratory Relief

Accurately monitor patient’s breathing pattern and deliver an output pressure which mimics the patient’s breathing. Reslex increases patient comfort and adherence to CPAP therapy by reducing the pressure during patient’s exhalation.

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Innovative iCloud Function

By connecting Wifi to your CPAP device, usage report data can be sent to instantly to Cloud platform with ease.  

Multiple Ways to generate report

Built-in SD card
Connect to you PC and download the data through BMC software. Otherwise, bring with your SD card to us and we will explain the report details for you.

Go to http://www.bmc-icode.com/ and insert the iCode codes shown on your device screen for report download.

Moblie APP “PAP Link”
It supports both IOS and Android systems. Scan the QR code on your device screen using the apps. You can store your usage data in the mobile APP or email to us for follow-up.


On the Device Screen
You can have an overview data on your CPAP device screen and can see how well you slept with your CPAP every morning when you wake up.

Customized Alarms

A pre-set alarm will sound when the BiPAP exceeds or drops certain limits. Parameters include mask leakage, power outage, low respiratory rate and etc.


  • Weight: 1.7 kg (including humidifier)
  • Dimension: 26.5 x 14.5 x 11.4 cm        
  • Universal voltage
  • Quiet, sound Level: 26dB
  • Wide pressure range: 4-30 cmH2O
  • IPAP and EPAP can be adjusted individually
  • Real time display for patients’ vital signs and graphs
  • SpO2 sensor is available as a plug-in
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