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Smart Living

The New Generation of Smart CPAP

The new model DeVilbiss Blue have a number of high-tech features as a selling point for users to create a high intelligence life experience.


The DeVilbiss Blue can be paired to devices using Bluetooth connectivity for monitoring and transferring information purposes.


Iphone Samsung



  • DeVilbissBLUE StandardPlus and AutoPlus.
  • Allows the usage of additional Hardware.
  • Supports APP’s for Android and iOS.
  • Allows remote connection with PC.
  • Prepared for future accessories.

Nonin Pulse Oximeter WristOX2

Wireless monitoring device, in-depth analysis the O2 improvement after use the CPAP machine.


SD card

You can bring your SD card to come, we will be able to provide you with detailed treatment assessment and explanation.

DeVilbiss SD cardDV6 with SD card


Easily sit at home and send the Smartcode to our professionals, we will real time provide you a result and recommendations, to help you further optimize the treatment.

Smartcode DV6

Enhanced version of SmartCode can detected central sleep apnea, mixed sleep apnea and other issues, and make the appropriate adjustments to soothe.