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Wide Varieties of Solutions for Sleep Apnea

From first-line CPAP therapy to other supplementary options



At HomeCare Medical, we pride ourselves in offering you lots of good solutions for sleep apnea.


CPAP Therapy

We offer multi-brands of different models to accommodate individual request. All CPAP models, from fixed CPAP, to AutoCPAP to AutoBilevel, are readily available.

More details on different CPAP models




Provent Therapy

Provent therapy is clinically proven to treat snoring and sleep apnea. It is a single-use device which is simple and user-friendly. It is especially good for frequent traveler, load snorer and CPAP non-compliant patient.

More details on Provent therapy



Positional Therapy

Clinical studies proved that half of the total sleep apnea cases are position-dependent. By training those patients to sleep on their side instead of on the supine position can ease the severity of the sleep apnea problems significantly.


The NightShift position trainer and RemSideEzzz back pillow are two choices for this category.



Click here to view details about NightShift position trainer.

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Click here to view details about RemSideEzzz back pillow.

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